A Thorn In His Flesh, Messenger Of Satan

thorn in his flesh

Satan has made Chris­tians believe this life to be lived freely with­out any account­abil­i­ty of sins where­as God sent His Mes­sen­gers with scrip­tures to believe in one God and to wor­ship him by accept­ing his guide­lines and com­mand­ments and to expect his mer­cy and for­give­ness to reward us the heav­ens for our strug­gle.

Chris­tian­i­ty is with­out a doubt the biggest lie upheld by lazy peo­ple who refuse to uphold the law of Moses, although Jesus said that he did not come to destroy the Law, but to ful­fil it.

The Ful­fil­ment of the Law
17 “Do not think that I have come to abol­ish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abol­ish them but to ful­fil them.
18 For tru­ly I tell you, until heav­en and earth dis­ap­pear, not the small­est let­ter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means dis­ap­pear from the Law until every­thing is accom­plished.
19 There­fore any­one who sets aside one of the least of these com­mands and teach­es oth­ers accord­ing­ly will be called least in the king­dom of heav­en, but who­ev­er prac­tis­es and teach­es these com­mands will be called great in the king­dom of heav­en.
20 For I tell you that unless your right­eous­ness sur­pass­es that of the Phar­isees and the teach­ers of the law, you will cer­tain­ly not enter the king­dom of heav­en.
19 There­fore any­one who sets aside one of the least of these com­mands and teach­es oth­ers accord­ing­ly will be called least in the king­dom of heav­en.

Paul and the Church are sole­ly respon­si­ble for turn­ing the reli­gion of Christ into a per­son­al­i­ty cult, as we shall soon see.

Paul Said to Leave Jesus’ Teachings

Hebrews 6
6 There­fore let us leave the ele­men­tary doc­trine of Christ and go on to matu­ri­ty, not lay­ing again a foun­da­tion of repen­tance from dead works and of faith toward God
There­fore, in order to keep me from becom­ing con­ceit­ed, I was giv­en a thorn in my flesh, a mes­sen­ger of Satan, to tor­ment me. Three times I plead­ed with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is suf­fi­cient for you, for my pow­er is made per­fect in weak­ness.
There­fore I will boast all the more glad­ly about my weak­ness­es, so that Christ’s pow­er may rest on me.1

After the alleged cru­ci­fix­ion, the dif­fer­ent opin­ions about the con­di­tion of Jesus. Some regard the death on the cross. This belief is desired by Jew­ish rab­bis and Mus­lims who reject Jesus. And some are of the opin­ion that Jesus has not died, but God saved him as in said in the Qur’an, Surah An-Nisa verse 157.

What kind of devel­op­ment peo­ple after the death of Jesus?

Jew­ish Torn

Jews were divid­ed into three groups:

    First: the Jews who believe in the mis­sion of Jesus and then become a fol­low­er of Jesus. They are called Chris­tians and among them, there are faith­ful dis­ci­ples men­tioned in the Qur’an as hawariyyun ( Surah As- Shaff : 14 ) . In the writ­ings of his­to­ri­ans, this group is referred to as Judeo — Chris­tian­i­ty / Jew­ish — Chris­t­ian.

    Sec­ond: the Jews who were hos­tile to Jesus and his fol­low­ers . They are fol­low­ers of the Jew­ish rab­bis . They are the ones when Pilate gave the choice between JBarabbas,arabbas , then they pre­fer Barab­bas to be released instead of Jesus . May­or

    Matthew 27:21–22 coun­try answered and said to them : “Which of the two do you want me to release it to you ? ” And they said, ” Barab­bas . ” Pilate said to them : ” If so , what should I do with Jesus who is called Christ ? ” They all said, ” Cru­ci­fy him ! ”

    Third: the peo­ple who are not the chil­dren of Israel and they also do not embrace Judaism. They are referred to as the Goyy­im / Gen­tile. Gen­er­al­ly, these peo­ple are from Rome and oth­er areas. They w orshipped many idols or gods so-called pagans.

Paul’s Identity

In its devel­op­ment appears a man named Paul. It was he who changed the belief that Jesus brought a new face that is total­ly dif­fer­ent from the orig­i­nal con­vic­tion . The irony is this belief that is fol­lowed up to this moment by Chris­tians world­wide .

His real name is Saul , born in Tar­sus ( Turkey ) approx­i­mate­ly 2 years before Christ . Because Jesus was born about the year 6 BC , Paul aged approx­i­mate­ly 8 years younger than Jesus. Paul’s father came from the tribe of Ben­jamin, one of the 12 eth­nic tribes of the Israelites. It was in the city of Tar­sus there is a Greek col­lege , a few tem­ple gods , build­ings com­e­dy, and oth­er enter­tain­ment venues are high­ly favored by the Greeks . Since Paul was very inter­est­ed in the young of cul­ture , espe­cial­ly Greek phi­los­o­phy. In his col­lect­ed two influ­ences , the law and Greek phi­los­o­phy.


Paul also stud­ied for­mal­ly under Gamaliel, a well-known Jew­ish schol­ar in Jerusalem.

Inter­sec­tion influ­ence of Greek phi­los­o­phy on Judaism in the time it was a com­mon thing . Flow of Greek phi­los­o­phy very influ­en­tial when it is con­sid­ered the pan­the­is­tic Sto­ic flow of God and a crea­ture of the same unit just dif­fer­ent in sub­stance and form visions . Mix­ing between the teach­ings of Sto­ic phi­los­o­phy with the teach­ings of Judaism are Jew­ish philoso­pher Phi­lo on. He regard­ed the Logos of the Sto­ics as a sort of supreme angel aka Holy Spir­it . Phi­lo lived dur­ing the life of Jesus and Paul. Paul was not a man of Beth­le­hem ( the home­town of Jesus ) or the Nazarene sect / Nazorite nor the peo­ple of Jerusalem . He nev­er asso­ci­at­ed with envi­ron­men­tal Jesus . He was not a dis­ci­ple of Jesus , nor his fol­low­ers also . Paul not­ed Bib­li­cal fact alone is the ene­my of the fol­low­ers of Jesus and he acts very cru­el to them . Paul nev­er mar­ried until her death due to her phys­i­cal con­di­tion defects ( club­foot leg , eye defect side , mangy bald ) .

The apos­tle Paul declared him­self as Jesus . He met the dis­ci­ples of Jesus , to know the strengths , weak­ness­es and strengths influ­ence . He start­ed a plan to spread his mes­sage to the Gen­tiles .

Feel­ing make progress, he devot­ed all his abil­i­ty and made inroads in large num­bers . He put the ideas of Greek phi­los­o­phy into the obtain­ment of the teach­ings of Jesus dis­ci­ples.

Teach­ings of Jesus is spe­cif­ic only to the chil­dren of Israel , it is men­tioned in the Qur’an,

And ( remem­ber ) when Jesus son Mary said : ” O Chil­dren of Israel , ver­i­ly I am the mes­sen­ger of Allah unto you , con­firm­ing the book before me , name­ly the Torah , and gave hap­py news with ( the com­ing of ) an Apos­tle who will come after me , whose name is Ahmad ( Muham­mad ). ” And when the mes­sen­gers came to them with tan­gi­ble evi­dence, they said : ” This is the real mag­ic. ” (Surah As- Shaff :6) .

And also men­tioned in the Bible is clear that Jesus’ mis­sion only to the chil­dren of Israel ( Matthew 10:5–6 ) , the twelve dis­ci­ples were sent by Jesus and He advised them :

Do not stray to oth­er nations or to enter the city of the Samar­i­tans , but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel .

Greek cul­ture is very influ­en­tial in the wider com­mu­ni­ty of Judea at the time, which is now Pales­tine . The entry of the Roman invaders brought cul­ture . In addi­tion to col­o­nize , to rob the peo­ple and nat­ur­al resources , they also spread their ide­ol­o­gy to the Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ty that is pan­the­ism .

If we ever watch a movie series Her­cules , that’s where the pic­ture of the teach­ings of pan­the­ism . Teach­ings on the wor­ship of many gods . Some are called to Zeus , supreme god , the father of all the gods . There Hera , wife of Zeus , the god of war Ares , god Aprodite beau­ty , and many oth­ers . What is inter­est­ing here , Zeus mar­ried the woman of the earth and gave birth to a boy who is super strong , named Her­cules . And he is regard­ed as the sav­ior of mankind .

Why is it called attrac­tive , per­son­al­ized Her­cules fig­ure is very sim­i­lar to Jesus who is also regard­ed as the sav­ior of mankind . Indeed, the com­ing of Jesus is to save the human race but not as a liv­ing god among men as well as Her­cules . Prophet Jesus as only a man , a mes­sen­ger of God, a prophet, a sign­post on the truth that God approves . Well this false teach­ing that Jesus is God as well as Her­cules , it is dis­trib­uted by Paul . The teach­ing of Jesus is wor­shiped on the one god , monothe­ism . While Paul’s teach­ing is a form derived from the teach­ings of pan­the­ism . Paul taught the trin­i­ty , the three gods name­ly that there is God the

Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spir­it.

Here is how indeed dif­fer­ences were vir­tu­al­ly teach­ings of Paul and Jesus :

10 (ten) fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ences in the teach­ings of Jesus and Paul :

1 . Teach­ings of Jesus : Jesus was a mes­sen­ger of God ( Jesus nev­er asked to be wor­shiped / dei­fied ) .

Jesus answered, ” I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel . ” ( Matthew 15:24).

And this is life eter­nal, that they might know thee the only true God , and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent . ( John 17:3 ) , ( John 11:42 ). I (Jesus) say to you, a ser­vant is not supe­ri­or to his mas­ter, or a mes­sen­ger of the one who sent him . I tell you :

Sure­ly who­ev­er accepts the one sent me , he receives Me , and who­ev­er receives me , receives him ( the Father ) who sent me . ( John 13:16,20 ) .

You have heard , that I ( Jesus ) have told you that I go away , but I come back to you . Had you love Me , you would rejoice because I go to my Father , for the Father is greater than I am. ( John 14:28 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : Jesus is Lord .

But for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist , and one Lord , Jesus Christ , through whom are all things and through whom we live . ( 1 Corinthi­ans 8:6 ) .

That if you con­fess with your mouth that Jesus is God , and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead , thou shalt be saved . ( Romans 10:9 ).

Paul is try­ing to indoc­tri­nate oth­ers that just by believ­ing Jesus as Lord and believe Jesus rose from the dead , then he will be saved . In Paul’s teach­ing / Chris­t­ian , Jesus is pro­mot­ed as God than with God / Father .

Com­pare the state­ments of Jesus which fur­ther accen­tu­ates the God / Father as the one God .

2 . Teach­ings of Jesus : not nul­li­fy the law , even the law con­tin­ue .

” Do not think that I ( Jesus ) have come to abol­ish the Law or the Prophets . I am not come to destroy , but to ful­fill . ( Matthew 5:17 ) .

Because I tell you the truth, until heav­en and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law , till all be ful­filled . ( Matthew 5:18) .

There­fore, who­ev­er breaks one com­mand­ment once — was the small­est , and thus teach it to oth­ers , he will occu­py the low­est place in the king­dom of heav­en ; but who does and teach­es all the com­mand­ments of the law , he will occu­py a high place in the king­dom of heav­en . ( Matthew 5:19) , ( Matthew 5:20) .

Law is part of the teach­ings of Jesus that must be imple­ment­ed by the peo­ple.

Paul’s teach­ing : Chris­tians con­demn the law .

You know , that man is not jus­ti­fied by observ­ing the law , but through faith in Christ Jesus. There­fore we — also have believed in Christ Jesus , that we might be jus­ti­fied by faith in Christ and not by observ­ing the law . Because : “no one will be jus­ti­fied ” by works of the law . ( Gala­tians 2:16 ) , ( Gala­tians 3:24–25 ) , ( Gala­tians 5:4 ) , ( Romans 3:27–28 ) and ( Eph­esians 2:15) .

3 . Teach­ings of Jesus : Male cir­cum­ci­sion should

And when the eight days and he had to be cir­cum­cised , he was named Jesus , the name called by the angel before he was con­ceived his moth­er . ( Luke 2:21) .

This is my covenant , which ye shall hold , the agree­ment between me and you and thy seed, which every male among you shall be cir­cum­cised ; cir­cum­ci­sion skin should be cut off and that will be a sign between me and you . ( Gen­e­sis 17:10–11 ) .

Child who is eight days old shall be cir­cum­cised , every male that is among you , from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion : whether born in your house , or bought with mon­ey of any stranger, but does not include descen­dants . ( Gen­e­sis 17:12 ) , ( Gen­e­sis 17:13) , ( Gen­e­sis 17:14) , ( Gen­e­sis 21:4 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : Chris­tians do not require cir­cum­ci­sion

Because for those who are in Christ Jesus nei­ther cir­cum­ci­sion nor uncir­cum­ci­sion it has no mean­ing some­thing , just faith that works by love . ( Gala­tians 5:6 ) .

Cir­cum­ci­sion is noth­ing and uncir­cum­ci­sion is noth­ing . The impor­tant thing is to obey the laws of God . ( 1 Corinthi­ans 7:19) .

4 . Teach­ings of Jesus : There is no inher­it­ed sin .

When Jesus saw this , he was indig­nant and said to them : ” Let the chil­dren come to me , do not hin­der them , for the peo­ple who like that is the king­dom of God . ( Mark 10:14 ) .

The per­son who sins , it shall die . Chil­dren will not share in the guilt of the father and the father would not share in the guilt of his son. The right­eous shall be upon him the truth , and the wicked­ness of the wicked shall be upon him . ( Ezekiel 18:20 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : Each per­son inher­its the sin of Adam

There­fore, just as sin entered into the world by a sin­gle per­son ( Adam ) , and death through sin , and thus death spread to all men , because all sinned . ( Romans 5:12 ) .

NB : Because of the orig­i­nal sin of Adam , accord­ing to Paul , cru­ci­fied Jesus sup­pos­ed­ly to atone for the sins of man.

5 . Teach­ings of Jesus : Fast­ing , per­form ablu­tion , teach­es pros­trate and pray while pros­trat­ing . But when you fast , oiled your head and wash your face ( Matthew 6:17) .

Moses and Aaron and his sons washed their hands and feet with water from it . When they went into the tent of meet­ing , and when they come near to the altar , they washed the feet and hands , as the Lord com­mand­ed Moses . ( Exo­dus 40:31–32 ) .

Then He ( Jesus ) went a lit­tle far­ther , then bowed down and prayed , say­ing, ” O my Father, if it be pos­si­ble , let this cup pass from me , but not as I delight , but as thou wilt . ” ( Matthew 26:39 ) , ( Num­bers 20:6 ) , ( Gen­e­sis 17:2–3 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : singing in church .

And speak­ing to one anoth­er in psalms , hymns of praise and hymns. Singing and mak­ing melody to the Lord with all your heart . ( Eph­esians 5:19 ) .

Let the word of Christ rich­ly dwell among you , so that you with all wis­dom teach­ing and admon­ish­ing one anoth­er and singing psalms and hymns and spir­i­tu­al songs , you thank God in your heart . ( Colos­sians 3:16 ) .

6 . Teach­ings of Jesus : pro­hib­it lux­u­ry liv­ing in the world .

Do not lay up trea­sures on earth , where moth and rust earth destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But for your­selves trea­sures in heav­en, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal . ( Matthew 6:19–20 ) .

Teach­ings of Paul : No ban on lux­u­ry liv­ing in the Chris­t­ian teach­ing . ” Peo­ple who steals must steal it again , but let him work hard and do a good job with his own hands , so that he can dis­trib­ute to those in need . ” ( Eph­esians 4:28 ) .

7 . Teach­ings of Jesus : dead wrapped in a shroud .

And Joseph also took the body, gives shroud with a clean linen cloth , ( Matthew 27:59 ).

They took the body of Jesus , gives shroud and wrapped it in linen clothes with the spices, as the man­ner of the Jews is to bury . ( John 19:40) .

Paul’s teach­ing : death was giv­en clothes neat­ly and wrapped cof­fin

8 . Teach­ings of Jesus : do not can­cel ston­ing .

In the law Moses com­mand­ed us to stone such women . What then do you ( Jesus ) about it ? ” ( John 8:5 ) .

And when they con­stant­ly ask Him ( Jesus ) , he got stood up and said to them : ” Who­ev­er among you with­out sin , let him throw the first stone at her. ” ( John 8:7 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : There is no men­tion of ston­ing in Chris­tian­i­ty .

Chris­tian­i­ty rejects ston­ing , because he is part of the law . Refer back to Paul’s state­ment in Gala­tians 2:16 ( point 2 above ) .

9 . Teach­ings of Jesus : Apply­ing the law of Qisas

You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth . ( Matthew 5:38 ).

eye for an eye , tooth for tooth , hand for hand , foot for foot ( Exo­dus 21:24) .

replace bro­ken frac­ture , eye for eye , tooth for tooth ; like oth­ers made ?? blame­less , that should be made to him . ( Leviti­cus 24:20 ) .

Thou shalt not pity him , because the effect : the life for life , eye for eye , tooth for tooth , hand for hand , foot for foot . ” ( Deuteron­o­my 19:21 ) .

Paul’s teach­ing : Can­celling Qisas law , plunges into slav­ery .

But I tell you : Do not fight the per­son harm­ing you , but who­ev­er slaps you on your right cheek , turn to him the left cheek . And if any man will sue you and take your tunic , give your cloak as well . And who­ev­er com­pels you to go one mile, go with him two miles .

Give to the one who asks you , and do not reject the per­son who wants to bor­row from you . ( Matthew 5:39–42 ) .

10 . Jesus did not cre­ate a new reli­gion and Paul who cre­at­ed Chris­tian­i­ty

Refer back to Jesus state­ment in Matthew 5:17–20 ( Item 2 above ) .

»> How­ev­er , Chris­tian­i­ty is a new reli­gion that was born after the attempt­ed cru­ci­fix­ion of Jesus .

»> ” They lived togeth­er with the church for an entire year , and taught much peo­ple . In Anti­och the dis­ci­ples were first called Chris­t­ian.” ( Acts 11:26 ) .

»> Well , it is increas­ing­ly clear . that Chris­tians today are not fol­low­ers of the teach­ings of Jesus , but fol­low­ers of the teach­ings of Paul . They are not Chris­tians but are more prop­er­ly called Chris­t­ian.

Proverbs 21v3 To do right­eous­ness and jus­tice, is more ACCEPTABLE TO THE LORD THAN SACRIFICE. There was no need for Jesus to be sac­ri­ficed for the sins of human­i­ty just because of Orig­i­nal Sin because Bible states that the father is not respon­si­ble for the sins of the son and vice ver­sa, so why is Jesus respon­si­ble for the sins of human­i­ty? Redemp­tion through his BLOOD is a Pagan Belief. Matt. 5:20 and Math­ew 19:17 states that redemp­tion is only pos­si­ble by fol­low­ing the com­mand­ments, which is in line with Islam. Redemp­tion through sac­ri­fice and blood is Paul’s teach­ings, which is against Jesus’s teach­ings.

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