How Did It All Begin?

Chris­tian­i­ty today is said to have been found­ed by Jesus Christ, or bet­ter known as Jesus in the Mus­lim world, but if we exam­ine more thor­ough­ly, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the Bible, we will find that almost the entire doc­trine con­tained in the teach­ings of Chris­tian­i­ty today is caused by or is the cre­ation of a Jew named Saul, who was born in the city of Tar­sus, Dhoom cap­i­tal city in Asia Minor, lat­er known by the name of Paul.

Jesus which actu­al­ly was a prophet from among the Chil­dren of Israel who has been sent as a mes­sen­ger that con­firms the truth of the Torah and the inspi­ra­tion that called gospel comes from God. He also sent God S.W.T to con­vey the mes­sage about the birth of the last prophet and mes­sen­ger mes­sen­ger of God Almighty, that Muham­mad Jesus has shown signs of his prophe­cy as prophets before him in the task of spread­ing the teach­ings of God S.W.T, which was lat­er amend­ed by the dirty hands of the irre­spon­si­ble.

All the mir­a­cles shown by him was by per­mis­sion of Allah S.W.T also. He turned on his friend Lazarus died, which is per­mit­ted by God S.W.T, he megu­bati peo­ple affect­ed by the dis­ease hair­piece S.W.T also the per­mis­sion of Allah, his mirac­u­lous birth with­out father­less it is also the will of God S.W.T where most Chris­tians today have reject­ed and more mir­a­cles demon­strat­ed that he is also the will of God S.W.T He was lat­er res­cued by Allah of Jews killed by the priests who do not feel hap­py with him at the time, and where the trai­tor Judas Iscar­i­ot has been changed so that his face resem­bled Jesus and final­ly killed on the cross. That’s the pic­ture that has been list­ed in “The Final Tes­ta­ment”, ie the Qur’an ul-Karim, on Jesus under­ly­ing hold­ings of all Mus­lims.

While Chris­tians gen­er­al­ly show their love to Jesus as a Mus­lim, but their way goes against the Mus­lims. Mus­lims are very affec­tion­ate and loves Jesus because he is a prophet of God who was sent to his peo­ple. All signs shown is proof that he a.s. is a mes­sen­ger of God S.W.T which brings true doc­trine. But Chris­tians express their feel­ings of love and affec­tion by stat­ing that he a.s. is one of the divine per­sons in the Trin­i­ty or Trin­i­ty and many more claims that are some­times as if noth­ing enters the mind of a sane man.

This ver­sion of Chris­tian­i­ty today is based on Paul and inter­pre­ta­tion. Chris­tian­i­ty today wake up and fall based on the ide­ol­o­gy of Paul. In fact no doubt that the name of Paul is not an unfa­mil­iar name among stu­dents of com­par­a­tive reli­gion, espe­cial­ly for Chris­t­ian schol­ars. This is because he is a fig­ure so large role in shap­ing and cre­at­ing a wide­spread reli­gion, which was lat­er renamed as “Chris­tian­i­ty”. And the researchers own reli­gion, although most of them were born in the West, they also do not have any qualms about stat­ing that he is the per­son respon­si­ble for cre­at­ing and spread­ing “Chris­tian­i­ty” is seen as today — and it’s not the orig­i­nal teach­ings brought by Jesus as

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