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Offi­cial web­site of an online book with the same title. This book is a cur­rent work-in-progress and its chap­ters will be released for free in stages so that one would be able to read it online. How­ev­er a small fee is required if you wish to down­load the PDF (will be announced at a lat­er date).

It should be not­ed that the main con­tent of this web­site (not nec­es­sar­i­ly relat­ed to the book) will deal with Paul of Tar­sus, the founder of Trini­tar­i­an Chris­tian­i­ty, in the same way as Chris­t­ian polemi­cists deal with the char­ac­ter of Muham­mad (peace be upon him) and demon­strate how such unfair treat­ment can be eas­i­ly expand­ed to include Paul and Chris­tian­i­ty. Besides this main pur­pose, we will also pub­lish schol­ar­ly analy­sis on Paul and his doc­trine from time to time.

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