Paul: A Liar And Charlatan

In the pre­vi­ous chap­ters, we have out­lined the ori­gins of Paul and how he rose to promi­nence as the founder of the reli­gion which is today known as Chris­tian­i­ty. Hav­ing estab­lished that Paul was nev­er acquaint­ed with the orig­i­nal teach­ings of Jesus (PBUH), we aim to demon­strate that this liar nev­er was inspired by the Holy Spir­it.

Let us now take a look at what Paul was report­ed to have said:

1 Corinthi­ans 7:25–28
25 Now about vir­gins: I have no com­mand from the Lord, but I give a judg­ment as one who by the Lord’s mer­cy is trust­wor­thy.
26 Because of the present cri­sis, I think that it is good for you to remain as you are.
27 Are you mar­ried? Do not seek a divorce. Are you unmar­ried? Do not look for a wife.
28 But if you do mar­ry, you have not sinned; and if a vir­gin mar­ries, she has not sinned. But those who mar­ry will face many trou­bles in this life, and I want to spare you this.

There are a few impor­tant points to be men­tioned here:

  • Paul nev­er met Jesus in per­son while Jesus was on earth. Paul became a “prophet” by claim­ing that Jesus appeared to him on his way to Dam­as­cus.
  • The Jew­ish Law allows for a man to divorce his wife if she is not pleas­ing to him.
  • Paul was a Jew, and from his writ­ings, he seemed to be very knowl­edge­able about the Jew­ish Law.
  • Paul, who had nev­er met Jesus, was obvi­ous­ly unaware of the fact that Jesus for­bade divorce between the hus­band and the wife, except in the case of adul­tery.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthi­ans 7:27 exposed him to be a liar, because if the Holy Spir­it was tru­ly inspir­ing him, then he would not have uttered such state­ment! Paul, the Jew, was talk­ing about divorce in gen­er­al. Yes, the Jew­ish Law allows divorce between ordi­nary cou­ples, but Jesus had for­bid­den it.

In Chris­tian­i­ty, a divorce between ordi­nary cou­ples (when nei­ther one of them com­mit­ted any major sin against the oth­er) is strict­ly for­bid­den, and Paul’s gen­er­al advice for his fol­low­ers to not seek a divorce makes it clear that he was igno­rant of what Jesus had taught. The Holy Spir­it would have inspired Paul to speak only about those whose spous­es had cheat­ed on them to not get divorced from them, which we have no idea how this would have helped his fol­low­ers.

Paul, in fact, was speak­ing in gen­er­al terms, which can be sum­marised as:

  • Are you mar­ried? Do not seek a divorce.
  • Are you unmar­ried? Do not look for a wife.

Paul was clear­ly not speak­ing about adul­tery here. The two parts of 1 Corinthi­ans 7:27, when put togeth­er, are clear­ly speak­ing in gen­er­al terms and to all peo­ple in gen­er­al. What man or woman can live with an adul­ter­ous spouse? And why should they not divorce when Jesus allowed them to do so?

Let us look at what Jesus said:

Matthew 5
31 It has been said, ‘Any­one who divorces his wife must give her a cer­tifi­cate of divorce.’
32 But I tell you that any­one who divorces his wife, except for mar­i­tal unfaith­ful­ness, caus­es her to become an adul­ter­ess, and any­one who mar­ries the divorced woman com­mits adul­tery.

There is no ques­tion that Paul was unaware of this law by Jesus, and if he tru­ly was inspired by the Holy Spir­it, then the lat­ter would not have deceived him like that.

Paul was a liar and a char­la­tan who claimed to be a “prophet” sent from God Almighty, that he was inspired by the Holy Spir­it. Clear­ly, the only spir­it that inspired him was none oth­er than the spir­it of Satan.