Paul: A Liar And Charlatan

In the pre­vi­ous chap­ters, we have out­lined the ori­gins of Paul and how he rose to promi­nence as the founder of the reli­gion which is today known as Chris­tian­i­ty. Hav­ing estab­lished that Paul was nev­er acquaint­ed with the orig­i­nal teach­ings of Jesus (PBUH), we aim to demon­strate that this liar nev­er was inspired by the Holy Spir­it.

Let us now take a look at what Paul was report­ed to have said:

1 Corinthi­ans 7:25–28
25 Now about vir­gins: I have no com­mand from the Lord, but I give a judg­ment as one who by the Lord’s mer­cy is trust­wor­thy.
26 Because of the present cri­sis, I think that it is good for you to remain as you are.
27 Are you mar­ried? Do not seek a divorce. Are you unmar­ried? Do not look for a wife.
28 But if you do mar­ry, you have not sinned; and if a vir­gin mar­ries, she has not sinned. But those who mar­ry will face many trou­bles in this life, and I want to spare you this.

There are a few impor­tant points to be men­tioned here:

  • Paul nev­er met Jesus in per­son while Jesus was on earth. Paul became a “prophet” by claim­ing that Jesus appeared to him on his way to Dam­as­cus.
  • The Jew­ish Law allows for a man to divorce his wife if she is not pleas­ing to him.
  • Paul was a Jew, and from his writ­ings he seemed to be very knowl­edge­able about the Jew­ish Law.
  • Paul, who had nev­er met Jesus, was obvi­ous­ly unaware of the fact that Jesus for­bade divorce between the hus­band and the wife, except in the case of adul­tery.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthi­ans 7:27 exposed him to be a liar, because if the Holy Spir­it was tru­ly inspir­ing him, then he would not have uttered such state­ment! Paul, the Jew, was talk­ing about divorce in gen­er­al. Yes, the Jew­ish Law allows divorce between ordi­nary cou­ples, but Jesus had for­bid­den it.

In Chris­tian­i­ty, divorce between ordi­nary cou­ples (when nei­ther one of them com­mit­ted any major sin against the oth­er) is strict­ly for­bid­den, and Paul’s gen­er­al advice for his fol­low­ers to not seek a divorce makes it clear that he was igno­rant of what Jesus had taught. The Holy Spir­it would have inspired Paul to be speak only about those whose spous­es had cheat­ed on them to not get divorced from them, which we have no idea how this would have helped his fol­low­ers.

Paul in fact was speak­ing in gen­er­al terms, which can be sum­marised as:

  • Are you mar­ried? Do not seek a divorce.
  • Are you unmar­ried? Do not look for a wife.

Paul was clear­ly not speak­ing about adul­tery here. The two parts of 1 Corinthi­ans 7:27, when put togeth­er, are clear­ly speak­ing in gen­er­al terms and to all peo­ple in gen­er­al. What man or woman can live with an adul­ter­ous spouse? And why should they not divorce when Jesus allowed them to do so?

Let us look at what Jesus said:

Matthew 5
31 It has been said, ‘Any­one who divorces his wife must give her a cer­tifi­cate of divorce.’
32 But I tell you that any­one who divorces his wife, except for mar­i­tal unfaith­ful­ness, caus­es her to become an adul­ter­ess, and any­one who mar­ries the divorced woman com­mits adul­tery.

There is no ques­tion that Paul was unaware of this law by Jesus, and if he tru­ly was inspired by the Holy Spir­it, then the lat­ter would not have deceived him like that.

Paul was a liar and a char­la­tan who claimed to be a “prophet” sent from God Almighty, that he was inspired by the Holy Spir­it. Clear­ly, the only spir­it that inspired him was none oth­er than the spir­it of Satan.

10 thoughts on “Paul: A Liar And Charlatan

  1. oh..i think u should study the­ol­o­gy in order to under­stand, some­times we can­ot just read it based on the word one
    if not will bcome fanat­ic

  2. In the name of Allah, most gra­cious, most mer­ci­ful.

    Well a clear con­tra­dic­tion not­ed here, even a lay­man (non the­ol­o­gy) can see. Hope to see more arti­cles, con­tin­ue your cause for knowl­edge and truth so that many Mus­lims can equip our­self to face our ene­mies.

  3. Assala­muailaikum

    Again, you (Nasara) took our Quran­ic vers­es out of con­text espe­cial­ly when it calls killing of unbe­liev­ers and famous Al Baqrah (Surat 2) ayaat 256 : no com­pul­sion in reli­gion.

    Now here my bro mus­lim now take it out of con­text as well.

    Masha Allah.

  4. I just stum­bled across your web­site today and read this arti­cle.

    My main issue is with the state­ment:

    The two parts of 1 Corinthi­ans 7:27, when put togeth­er, are clear­ly speak­ing in gen­er­al terms and to all peo­ple in gen­er­al.”

    Paul was in fact address­ing a very spe­cif­ic issue in the Corinthi­an church (1 Cor 7:1). There were peo­ple with­in the church at Corinth teach­ing that all sex­u­al rela­tions were wrong, and there­fore those who are mar­ried should cease and that those who are sin­gle should not seek mar­riage at all.

    Paul was teach­ing in response to a spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tion- note how in verse 26 he says “because of the present cri­sis.” Paul doesn’t want Chris­tians to get divorced based on the false teach­ing that all sex­u­al rela­tions are evil. And he also speaks against the con­verse- every vir­gin doesn’t have to seek mar­riage.

    In fact, Paul addressed anoth­er spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tion in vers­es 12–16. What hap­pens when one spouse is a Chris­t­ian and the oth­er isn’t.

    If you would like to con­tin­ue a dia­logue about this or any oth­er issue you have con­cern­ing the New Tes­ta­ment, feel free to email me. [mjoettinge21[at]tntech[dot]edu]

  5. Wow! Every­thing Saul taught was a lie, he went againts the old tes­ta­ment and changed every­thing God taught, may his soul rst in hell.

  6. I have for the last sev­er­al years been on a quest for truth based on my belief that the inter­net is a gift to all mankind on that path. As a Chris­t­ian believ­er of a cer­tain denom­i­na­tion for 50 some years, I real­ized that my faith has been based on what I was told by my lead­ers as to church foun­da­tion and his­to­ry; unable until the inter­net age to inde­pen­dent­ly con­firm that infor­ma­tion to be true. I found out deci­sive­ly that it was not true. My faith oth­er­wise remains intact; but it made me real­ize just how frag­ile truth is, and how valu­able. It is the sto­ry of the clock and the com­pass. You can work your butt off and suf­fer no end of trou­ble by ignor­ing the com­pass full speed ahead watch­ing the clock. Going in the wrong direc­tion not know­ing the truth is futile no mat­ter how strong your belief and your dri­ve to suc­ceed may be.

    Going back to the God (Allah) of Abra­ham we have com­mon ground; but some things that hap­pened there­after sent us in oppos­ing direc­tions. Does an absolute truth exist inde­pen­dent of the many dif­fer­ent human beliefs? I believe that it does, for God said so to the prophets of old and he is nev­er-chang­ing. So how do we find that all-impor­tant true path? If we can elim­i­nate errors or false teach­ings we improve our com­pass and avoid going in wrong direc­tions. That will help our progress and may open the door to fur­ther truth found along a bet­ter path.

    I too have had my doubts about Saul/Paul. He taught a dif­fer­ent gospel than the oth­er Apos­tles say­ing only faith and not works (the law) was required, mis­lead­ing many. Also, the Lord’s anoint­ed ser­vants were required to obey the law explic­it­ly .…. in fact that was one of the cri­te­ri­on on which they were cho­sen. If a can­di­date were to have bro­ken the high­est laws such as mur­der or adul­tery, he would not qual­i­fy. We are told that Saul was an accom­plice to the mur­der of Steven before his con­ver­sion. I under­stand that he also was known by the name of Simon Magus and that there was record of him vio­lent­ly attack­ing and injur­ing Peter on the tem­ple steps. I am fair­ly sure this would not be suit­able behav­ior for an Apos­tle! I have won­dered if the great words attrib­uted to him were tak­en from the works of oth­ers since there are many oth­er wor­thy con­tem­po­rary ser­vants of the Lord who were not heard from.

    There was cer­tain­ly room for oth­er great books to have been can­on­ized .… some in the apoc­rypha and also the pseude­pigrapha had impor­tant knowl­edge. The Book of Enoch, for exam­ple, told of the fall­en angels and the giants called Nephilim they brought that were the curse of mankind. Giants also exist­ed after the flood that inhab­it­ed the promised land. David was com­mand­ed to destroy them and inher­it the land of Canaan. They were not Gods cre­ation, but Satans; and cursed for destruc­tion as were the giants before Noah. Inter­est­ing­ly, these Nephilim are proph­e­sied to return dur­ing the Great Tribu­la­tion to enforce the mark of the beast, so we should know more about them for sure.

  7. I believe Paul’s writ­ings are a test to see who we will fol­low, Jesus or Paul. Jesus said he did not come to abol­ish the law, Paul said no more law, Jesus said to go and teach all nations teach­ing them to observe what­so­ev­er I have com­mand­ed you, Paul said the law was just for the jews, Jesus said there is one flock, one shep­herd, not two stan­dards one for jew one for gen­tile. Here is the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the com­mand­ment of God and the faith of Jesus. See You need both! We need faith and the law not faith instead of the law. Don’t fail the test, fol­low Jesus, not man. Ask God for his spir­it to guide you. You do not want to live in a world free of the law. David loved the law and we should too. 1 John 2:4 Any one who says, I know him, but keeps not the law is a liar. Paul is a liar. go thru the nar­row gate, not the pop­u­lar wide gate.

  8. When Paul stat­ed all scrip­ture is inspired by God, his own let­ters had not yet been com­piled into a book called the New Tes­ta­ment as it had not yet been made. Even Paul was not speak­ing of his own let­ters. Also look at the book of Job, his friends quot­ed scrip­ture and sound­ed oh so reli­gious but what did God have to say about their remarks? He was not pleased with them and their words were not God inspired yet they’re in the Bible. Not every­thing in the mod­ern Bible is God breathed. Quit fol­low­ing Paul, he is not the sav­ior, he is not God. His teach­ing is the oppo­site of Jesus’ teach­ings. God tests/tries us to see if we are real­ly fol­low­ing him, choose Jesus.

  9. One more thing, there is more than one sto­ry of Paul’s call­ing. The sto­ries don’t jive. In one the wit­ness­es see some­thing but do not hear any­thing and in anoth­er ver­sion in the book of acts, the wit­ness­es do not see any­thing but they do hear some­thing. It is fab­ri­cat­ed. The evi­dence is there. If any­one dis­agrees with Jesus’ gospel it is a lie.

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