Red Cracked Skin on the Corner of the Mouth and on Each Side of the Face – What Can I Do?

Skin care

If you have an extremely red, cracked skin on the corners of your mouth and on each side of the face, you are suffering from a common condition called angular stomatitis. Very often this condition is seen in adults, though it can appear as early as 6 months of life. The great news is that it is completely harmless, but canmask the truest stage of the condition and needs prompt treatment to contain it.

Angular Stomatitis has three main symptomsto look out for:

1. A Pinkish or White Stretchy Spots at the Corner of Your Mouth

2. blinded by swelling, Your Mouth seems to be Minty

3. When you open your mouth wide, the crack on the sides, mainly at the angles, is felt on the sides of your mouth.

Many people over look the symptoms because they think the condition is due to contraindication of their diet or they mistake it for chapped lips. This stubborn condition can be caused by a gravitational occupation that stretches the lips, this is usually seen at the corner of the mouth, on the corners on the lips and on each side. This happens when the skin around the corners on the mouth stretches to the point of breaking down, the skin breaks and it takes the form of angular stomatitis. This is because the folds in the skin may have become : this is due to theoves below the petals.

There are manymloung cures for angular stomatitislike Blepharion, Ointments, Baking Soda, and vinegar. Some of these solutions as suggested by the doctors are:

Blepharion – Blepharion is an acidic combination and antiseptic applied to the lips on a daily basis. You may also take the prescribed oral medication with a Vitamin C component.

Cortisone Ointment – When you take this medication, it reduces the inflammation and oyorrch of the lips and help with curing the cracks and stopping the pain.

Vinegar -Apply vinegar with a cotton swab three times a day on your lips. Leave it on for a while and rinse it off, this cures the cracked lips and leaves the skin in better shape.

You can find Curad tablets as well as Zovirax tablets which can help with curing the condition. If you type curad or cortisone on a local computers you will find many websites with instructions on how to cure angular stomatitis as well as other types of skin conditions. Some of the procedures are:

1. You can use a gel that will abrade the lips and help cure the crack.

2. You can also take a solution of Hydro cortisone that will help cure the cracks and help the lips.

3. argireline is also a cure when you apply the solution of this product.

4. When you have a bacterial or ringworm infection you can get a solution with the help of an antifungal solution.

Some of the most usedAngular Stomatitis Cure rets:

1. You can visit your doctor and get the proper treatment.

2. You can take the prescribed oral medication with a Vitamin C component.

3. You can also cure the cracked lips with the help of an antifungal medication.

4. The physician might prescribe a topical antibiotic.

5. He might prescribe an anti-itching cream.

6. He might prescribe an injection of steroids.

7. There are some preventive steps that you can take. Like, when you are staying in moist places, you can use a moisturizer.

8. When you are standing in the heat, you can use a cane or pack to keep you cool.

It is, therefore, recommended that you visit your physician at once and thereafter keep checking to see if the condition has spread to other parts of your body. After checking, he will suggest the right treatment for you.