Christianity today is said to have been founded by Jesus Christ, or better known as Jesus in the Muslim world, but if we examine more thoroughly, particularly in the Bible, we will find that almost the entire doctrine contained in the teachings of Christianity today is caused by or is the creation of a Jew named Saul, who was born in the city of Tarsus, Dhoom capital city in Asia Minor, later known by the name of Paul.

Jesus which actually was a prophet from among the Children of Israel who has been sent as a messenger that confirms the truth of the Torah and the inspiration that called gospel comes from God. He also sent God S.W.T to convey the message about the birth of the last prophet and messenger messenger of God Almighty, that Muhammad Jesus has shown signs of his prophecy as prophets before him in the task of spreading the teachings of God S.W.T, which was later amended by the dirty hands of the irresponsible.

All the miracles shown by him was by permission of Allah S.W.T also. He turned on his friend Lazarus died, which is permitted by God S.W.T, he megubati people affected by the disease hairpiece S.W.T also the permission of Allah, his miraculous birth without fatherless it is also the will of God S.W.T where most Christians today have rejected and more miracles demonstrated that he is also the will of God S.W.T He was later rescued by Allah of Jews killed by the priests who do not feel happy with him at the time, and where the traitor Judas Iscariot has been changed so that his face resembled Jesus and finally killed on the cross. That’s the picture that has been listed in The Final Testament”, ie the Qur’an ul-Karim, on Jesus underlying holdings of all Muslims.

While Christians generally show their love to Jesus as a Muslim, but their way goes against the Muslims. Muslims are very affectionate and loves Jesus because he is a prophet of God who was sent to his people. All signs shown is proof that he a.s. is a messenger of God S.W.T which brings true doctrine. But Christians express their feelings of love and affection by stating that he a.s. is one of the divine persons in the Trinity or Trinity and many more claims that are sometimes as if nothing enters the mind of a sane man.

This version of Christianity today is based on Paul and interpretation. Christianity today wake up and fall based on the ideology of Paul. In fact no doubt that the name of Paul is not an unfamiliar name among students of comparative religion, especially for Christian scholars. This is because he is a figure so large role in shaping and creating a widespread religion, which was later renamed as Christianity”. And the researchers own religion, although most of them were born in the West, they also do not have any qualms about stating that he is the person responsible for creating and spreading Christianity” is seen as today — and it’s not the original teachings brought by Jesus as