Alhamdulillah, this is the official website which hosts the chapters of an online work-in-progress, tentatively titled The Apostle of Doom: Christianity’s Terrorist Dogma In Paul’s Own Words. This book was originally written in Bahasa Melayu with the working title: Paulus Dan Kesan Ajarannya (originally intended to be published in printed form) and in a sense, this book was supposed to be a translation of that work into English with additional chapters. However, as time went on we realised that the book would be best completed if it were to take advantage of contemporary online technologies such as social media and group collaboration. Hence, we have decided to put the content of this book online and work on its progression from that point onward.

Our intention for this work — right from the time when the idea was first conceived — was to ensure that its content remains free in order to bring benefit to anyone interested in the subject, and its chapters released online for public consumption to be read at their earliest convenience. To monetise our efforts in order to sustain its viability, a small fee would be charged for those interested in procuring the book in PDF format. As the book has not reached its final form, this idea will be put on hold until the book is fully expanded to the stage we have always intended for it.

As the book progresses, this page will be updated to reflect any significant changes that may have affected the direction of this work in a major way. Insha’allah there will be success in our endeavour. This book is the culmination of the continuous effort to spread the teachings of Islam and uphold its principles as set in the Arab proverb, al-kufru millatun wahidah (All forms of kufr are the same, no matter the form).